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In 2000 Susan Taylor GCC’s Founder began volunteering in Bali, giving support to sick local villagers and through her former PT Indonesian Company began providing employment training in hospitality and administration and employment to the local villagers.

In the wake of the first Bali Bomb, Susan volunteered at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar Bali in the emergency wards, working alongside Medical personnel assisting in the care of the critically injured and dying and later volunteered as Trauma Counselling Coordinator.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Susan approached the local villagers and asked them what they most needed for their children and as a result, in the December of 2002, she started the first English education program in Bali offered by Global Children Care: at one small village school, with thirty five children and one part-time English teacher.

Since our modest beginnings just under 10,000 children have benefited from GCC’s Programs that are taught by our specifically trained Teachers. In total 13 schools and 8 communities have benefited to date.

By June 2008 there had been a 2,142% increase in the number of children receiving assistance since December 2002.

In 2008 – 2009 through our Health Care programs, 700 children began receiving treatment in a new dental screening program in collaboration with BIWA one of our sponsors. 1100 children also benefited from eye screening, prescription reading glasses and surgical treatment.

From this first eye screening they became eligible for ongoing free check-ups, life – long eye care and treatment and prescription spectacles through our partnering with the John Fawcett Foundation’s Eye Care clinics.

Also 68 Public School Teachers and Staff within the Public School system in Bali also received eye care check-ups and life – long access to eye care and treatment as well as prescription spectacles where needed.

Through our long term membership in Clean Up the World and our commitment to a cleaner healthier environment we developed our environment program which has benefited seven schools and as a part of this program we partnered with Eco Bali through their collection of the recycled waste from each of the schools we support.

Today, Global Children Care operates education and health care programs in Bali Indonesia, with future plans to assist children in India as funds become available

Global Children Care from Australia is a registered not-for-profit charitable incorporated association under the laws set down by the Department of Fair Trading, which is the Australian government body ruling charities throughout each State in Australia.

If you would like more detailed information, please email us at: Globalchildrencare@fastmail.fm

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