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The two Bali Bombs and the Global Financial Crisis have dealt a crushing blow to Bali. Just as the Balinese economy began to pick up in 2008 after six long years of great challenge, the circumstances have once again created economic struggle and loss.

Contrary to what most people believe, Bali is not swarming with tourists , there are many areas who have only a few tourists visiting from time to time and these communities are in need of support especially for their children’s education which in the local public school system is not free of charge.

Tourism is the most important industry and the numbers of tourists overall has declined since the GFC and many families in outlying villages are still suffering severe economic difficulties.

As parents are challenged to provide for their children, an increasing number of youth are being placed in orphanages. It is our aim to prevent this as much as possible through our relief and development programs providing practical educational and health care assistance at the local village level.

When and where we can, we raise funds to build Orphanages to provide a loving home for those children in need. We also employ local people and teachers in our organization bringing financial benefit to impoverished communities.

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