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Since  we began our work on December 2nd 2002, just under 10,000 children have benefited from our programs, which include English Language and Literacy [ELC], an Environmental Studies program [ENP], Life Values [LVP] program plus a Cultural Heritage Arts program [CHP], teaching classical and traditional dance, music and painting, and our Basic Medical and Dental Care program [BMDCP] and our Clothing Donation program (CHP). We have contributed over $500,000 AUD  to provide our programs with over 85% of the funding being provided by our charity members.

The Global Children Care programs are designed to prepare children for future employment in the creative, academic, tourist and business  arenas.

Current Funding Focus

We are now raising funding for our three key programs: English Language( ELC), Environmental studies (ENP) and Life Values (LVP)  which will benefit 10 schools and over 1800 children and their communities.

Understanding the Situation

Many Indonesians since  March 2020 became unemployed in the tourism industry which is  Bali’s main income driver.

There is an assumption that prior to the pandemic that all Balinese benefited from tourism, however many lived and now still live on a subsistence level, and there is not currently any overall welfare system and Public school education is not free in Indonesia.

Government employees are the only Indonesians who receive any kind of welfare or social security benefit even in times of crisis. Millions of Balinese suffered from no income and during the pandemic many schools closed and some for two plus years.

Advance Funding Focus in Indonesia

Our focus now is on maintaining  our English Language  (ELC) and our Environmental studies program (ENP)  and our Life Values Program (LVP) Adding in a new  additional project from 2027 to build school libraries in the 13 schools we have assisted to date.

Advance Funding  Focus for India 

We will be seeking funding for the same three programs for Indian village children with our project slated to begin in 2028-2029.

To see how you can help, please take a look at our Donations page.

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