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Australia – GCCI

Global Children Care from Australia is registered since 2003 as a not-for-profit charitable incorporated association under the laws set down by the Department of Fair Trading, which is the Australian government body ruling charities in each State in Australia.

In Australia, all charitable organizations are legally classified as Incorporated non – profit entities, and all legally registered commercial businesses in Australia are registered under either the legal title of Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) or Limited (Ltd), unlike in the United States and other Countries where commercial businesses are Incorporated (Inc).

Please check the validity of our charitable incorporated non-profit organization and log onto: and feel free to check our name under Charitable Associations.

United States – GCC USA
Our United States Tax Deductible Charity

Global Children Care USA is a project of United Charitable Programs, Inc – a registered 501(c) (3) public charity.

Global Children Care USA is sponsored by United Charitable Programs, a non –profit charity registered in the United States, Tax ID# 20-4286082. Our Project and its programs were established on February 19th 2010.Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our Project number is: 101926.

All funds raised by GCC USA are received by United Charitable Programs and become the sole property of UCP which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the Project. The Program Manager makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by UCP for approval.


We are not affiliated with, nor a part of any other organization which uses any of the following words Global Children Care or Childrens Care or Global Child as a part of their organizational name, such as Global Children Care in the United Kingdom, Global Children Care in Canada or Global Children Care Relief Mission in New Jersey in the United States nor any other organization in any country including Europe or Africa or India or other parts of Asia or Australia. We are an independent not for profit charity and legally registered under Australian Law since 2003.

In the United States we are registered as Global Children Care USA under the protection and auspices of United Charitable Programs and protected under United States Federal Law please check Our Organizational Structures listed above.

If you have any concerns or receive demands for donations from any other organization using our name please contact our Administration Department on

For your protection we adhere to strict Security Protection and Privacy Regulations and when necessary to prevent Cyber Crime we collaborate with the Australian Federal Police and other International Reporting and Investigative Agencies in reporting suspected cyber-crime.

Global Children Care Child Protection Policy

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