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Please be advised due to the virus, we are only able to assist with food relief packages for needy families with children.

We continued our Environment program [ENP] with some activities in Waste Management and Recycling. 1200 children and seven village schools benefited weekly from our Waste Management and Recycling Program. Now 10,000+ children have benefited from our Programs.

We continued our Environment program [ENP] with some activities in Waste Management and Recycling, and delayed the re-establishment our English Language Program [ELC] as we sought additional funding for 2011-2014 for these programs. 1200 children benefited weekly from our programs. We decided to add the word “Care” into the name of Global Children Incorporated, and registered the name change in June 2010.

Through the private financial support provided by our Founder, Global Children Care (GCC) continues to assist 785+ children weekly in seven schools with two of our education programs English Language and Literacy [ELC] and our Environment Recycling and Waste management program [ENP]. Clothing donations which we receive periodically from random donors are distributed in the schools or the neighbouring communities.

Nov 2008
We suddenly lose our private Donor due to their unexpected major investment losses in the US stock market as a result of the Global Financial Crisis. Our Founder provides funding to personally support the continuation of two education programs in conjunction with two local organizations BIWA and Eco Bali. We had increased the number of children benefiting weekly by 2,142% (two thousand one hundred and forty two percent) since we began in December 2002.

We re-design and re-launch in October 2008 our first official website and produce our first brochure. We are featured in an article titled Extraordinary Lives in the October edition of XL Results magazine and in an interview on XL Radio.

We introduce our Health Care Program with the provision of Dental screening, care and treatment and our Eye Care, treatment and reading glasses program in seven schools bringing benefit to 1100+ children and over 80 village school teachers.

We are now assisting 790 children weekly with our Education programs, which include environmental studies, waste management and recycling programs. On World Environment Day June 5th we formally opened our Environment and Nature Program [ENP] in all seven schools. This program began in 2006 with a pilot program in 3 schools, and initially taught 350+ children weekly.

We establish a new Sydney office in the apartment of our Treasurer. We apply for our first major funding grant and begin to receive the granted funds from a Private Donor.

We join and become Members of the Clean Up the World Environment Program.

We formally open our Ubud Bali office and introduce our Life Values program which benefited over 200 children a week whilst continuing our other educational programs.

We introduced our Cultural Heritage Arts program through the ARMA Museum and the Rudana Museum of Ubud and the Cenik Wayah program established by the royal family of Ubud with 150 children benefiting weekly from this program. We also begin our Pilot Environment Program for 40 children in one school and run this program for 18 months. We continue providing our Education Programs to seven schools and over 450+ children weekly. We are featured in an article in Kabar Magazine in Indonesia

The number of schools increases to seven and the number of children receiving educational benefit increases to 450+ weekly.

Now five schools receive educational programs that benefit over 350+ children weekly.

The number of children receiving benefit and education increased to 250+ children in three schools and our first clothing donations were distributed in the schools. Medical supplies were donated to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar Bali via a donor’s generosity.

GCC became registered as an Income Tax Exempt Australian Incorporated non profit charity with its first office in our Public Officer’s Sydney apartment.

Dec 2002

The first English Language program began with one Teacher and 35 young children in one small village school.

Nov 2002
Global Children Care (a non profit organization) first Bali branch office began in our Founders former Bali home.

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