Global Children Care from Australia is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in Bali.

* Since late 2002 our organization has been providing education and healthcare programs to children in Bali.

* Currently 10,000 children and their communities plus 13 rural village schools have benefited from our programs.

Project Plans from late 2016 – 2020

Our intention is to continue our Bali Project and expand the reach of our Environment Program and English Language program as well as our other Bali programs over the next four years.

These programs will benefit a minimum of 750 children weekly in the first year and 1100 children weekly  in the second year  of operation after new funding is raised plus provide training for local Teachers and the employment of necessary local Administration Staff.

Future Additional Projects

Global Children Care from Australia has plans to build a series of libraries in Balinese schools and to assist one school with its much needed Kindergarten renovation Project.

We have also been invited to work in India with rural disadvantaged village children. In order for us to proceed with these projects we will need sufficient on going donations, plus long term funding and grants to sustain them.

Our projects will also provide employment and training for local community members and teachers in impoverished areas.

Administration Centres

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteer staff, Global Children Care is able to run three small operational centres in:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Mamaroneck New York USA
  • Later on we will establish a small admin centre in India.

Our Vision

We believe all children deserve a good education and health care to enable and empower them grow up to achieve their goals and live their dreams and to become valuable members of their communities. We provide disadvantaged children in rural areas with the education and healthcare they need to and break out of the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission

Global Children Care from Australia is dedicated to changing the lives of disadvantaged children in Bali by providing them with access to high quality education and healthcare.

Our Values

Global Children Care works with local village communities and schools to improve the education and care of children aged 6 to 13 years. Thanks to our programs which benefit children, we also provide employment for local people in the communities we serve. All our work is in full respect for local religious beliefs, as well as cultural values and customs.

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